Cloud made simple

Inevio is an HTML5 Virtual Desktop that moves your company to the cloud

Work from anywhere and any device

Access not only your files but all your programs, your whole computer from anywhere and any device. From any laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop you can work as if you were sitting at the office in front of your computer.

Extremely secure

One of our biggest concerns is security. That's why everything inside Inevio is highly secured, all the files and information are encrypted to ensure your privacy. However, although everything is encrypted, we've managed to make Inevio faster than a common computer, you won't experience any lag or delay while using it.

Work simultaneously with your coworkers

We have created Inevio from the start to enable you to interact with whoever you want on every single program. You will be able to work with your coworkers in the same files and programs while being able to talk with them at every moment.

No more local servers

Using Inevio is like having your own servers and an entire IT department for yourself. Don't worry about anything, you only need a browser to be able to work. No installation or configuration required.